Top Advantages Of Installing Shower Screens

Top Advantages Of Installing Shower Screens

More than just a grooming space, a bathroom is one of the most important areas of a house. It’s a place of relaxation and maintaining your own hygiene. So, it’s very important to take care of it properly. Every equipment in the bathroom is fitted to play a particular role. These appliances like automatic showers, heated bathtubs, etc help us to relax after a tiring day.

Shower screens are the new trend, and people are developing a taste towards this ultimate equipment for the best showering experience.

In This Post, We Will Discuss Few Advantages Of Installing Shower Screens.

Shower Screens

Shower Screens

Enhances Appearance

  • People start their day in the bathroom. So, it only makes sense to install shower screens that are pleasing to the eyes and gives a view worthy of your first look of the morning. Anesthetic look in the morning is a great way to start your day.


  • Apart from the appearance factor, shower screens are useful. They help to keep the majority of the bathroom dry by limiting the water flow to the screen area only.  That also reduces the chances of any bathroom accidents of slipping over the floor.
  • Also, you can freely use any music system that is Bluetooth or voice-operated without having to worry about ruining them and enjoy your little personal concert in the bathroom.
  • You can ditch those shower curtains which are accident-prone.
  • On top of it all, shower screens reduce the chances of water clogging and if you have enough space, you don’t need to have a separate laundry room and can get a washing machine fitted in your bathroom as well.


  • Limiting your shower to an enclosed space makes the rest of the bathroom look more spacious. You can manage a lot of bathroom appliances that way without worrying about ruining them with water.
  • This can also be very effective for people who have claustrophobia if they get a clear or transparent glass shower screen.


  • Alternatives to shower screens like shower curtains are available in limited sizes and designs. With the screens, you can get a variety of them and even get them custom made.

Low Maintenance

Shower Screens

Shower Screens

  • These screens are very long-lasting and require low to none maintenance as they grow through a number of processes during the manufacturing to make them durable. This saves the cost of repairing that often damaged bathroom door or shower curtain rods.


  • Shower screens provide a number of options to choose from even with their material and finish.
  • You can have a frameless or door framed screen.
  • You have the option of choosing from transparent, opaque or translucent screens.
  • You can choose your personal hardware to go with it.

Shower Technology

A lot of new shower technology requires a separate space for the installation and you can get them installed anytime you want or get them upgraded if you have a shower screen. This saves a lot of the cost of renovations.

Of course, these are not the only advantages but just a few to list. You can get more information about them from a professional. These shower screens are becoming more and more popular these trends and have become somewhat of a trend among the new designers as they are very efficient when it comes to space management. Projects like mini-homes are a success, thanks to these screens. Also, you won’t need to change your bathroom tiles that often because a majority of it will be saved from the water flow.

Why You Should Use Shower Screens To Enhance Your Bathroom?

There are varieties of options to choose from when remodeling or redecorating your bathrooms. You can choose different wall colors or hardware finishes. After a tiring day, all we need is a pampered and luxurious bath. This is why it is important to enhance its beauty as well. The most important thing that you have to consider is how you can encircle your shower.

shower screens

Shower Screens

Here are various reasons why you should consider using these screens to enhance your bathroom.

1. They are polished and attractive:

These shower enclosures look fashionable and glossy and add a sense of modernity to your home. The bathroom spaces look more enhanced, unified and polished and it allows the other decors of the space to pop up.

2. You can customize it:

There are various enclosures that are available in only one size and design. For example, shower curtains have only one style. So if you are planning something, make sure that you go for something where you can customize and explore your designs and choices. Shower screens are a great option that you can customize as per your needs. These customizations are valuable for bathrooms with renewed showers. The showers might create awkward and tight shapes because these are not designed along with the rest of the bathroom. The professionals working on your bathroom will consider all these factors during the process of design to ensure unified fittings.

3. Desirable:

Glass doors add a different sense of modernity and the same is the case with shower screens Doncaster. If you have any plans to sell your house in future, consider using this for your bathroom. A modern bathroom with glass doors for shower, bathtubs and other things can increase the price and value of your house. This will attract potential buyers as well.

4. Requires low maintenance:

Glass doors are transparent and therefore all you need is regular cleaning with a cloth to remove soap foams or water spots. Shower screens with no frame are easier to maintain and clean. The reason is the when the glasses do not have a frame, you get access to the whole glass pane and therefore, maintenance becomes easy.

5. Adds a unique style statement:

The variety of designs available for shower screens can help you to choose the style that fits your bathroom. To create a unique style statement to your bathroom, you can select tinted or frosted glass. Customizations of the hardware can also be done to style the other designs of the bathroom. If you want to get an ultra-fashionable look, consider using glass doors without frames.

6. Waterproof features:

Glass showers have waterproof features that not only enhance the visual beauty of the space, but it is also considered as the feature of safety. One of the common accidents that we face is accidental falls because of the wet floors of the bathroom. This particularly happens with elderly people or young children. But these shower enclosures keep the bathrooms wet and dry, thus preventing any accidents.

7. Space effective:

Nowadays, most of us stay in flats and apartments. Therefore, we need to use space very intelligently. A bathroom may contain lots of products and designs, but it should not make it look untidy and messy. One of the perfect and instant solutions to your bathroom is adding shower screens. However, if you choose a curtain, it will make the bathroom look smaller.

Whether you are planning to make a new bathroom or plan to remodel the existing one, try to include shower screens. These glass screens are a sense of class, modernity, and cleanliness.

Buying Shower Screens: Types And Tips

Shower screens are these highly slick and chick bathroom modifications that give the room a classy glamour. It can make your bathroom look polished and desirable according to its own design by using shower screens Epping. They are designed to be durable and can be modified according to the layout. Their customizable nature makes them a popular choice for décor. The best part about wanting to install shower screens is the fact that they are extremely low maintenance. Similar measures like plastic curtains and dividers might lack in mobility and require you to wash it separately.

shower screens

Shower Screens

Choose from a variety of options:

Since shower screens are modified the moment they are installed, they come available in varieties. You can choose from multiple designs according to your choice of look, the layout of your shower enclosure and the space available on your bathroom floor.

1. Fixed Panels: A fixed panel gives your bathroom a classy look with a minimalistic approach. It completely dials down on functionality but increases its utility in design. They are usually best suited for bathrooms with large space available.

2. Sliding Doors: As the name suggests, sliding doors are completely different from fixed door panels. The mechanism is quite simple, a door slides to one side to allow entry or exit from the shower space. This makes them a superb space saver and a practical choice.

3. Corner Shower Screens: Unlike fixed panel shower screens, corner screens are designed to create a shower enclosure within a corner of the bathroom. They are equipped with a fixed panel pivot door to allow passage into space.

4. Pivot Door: These designs are available in large varieties and are mostly meant for large spaces given it covers nearly a third of the bathroom. There are fixed hinged panels on either side of the shower with one pivot door to allow entry into space.

5. Full and semi-frameless: Here the glass of the shower screen is fixed in position with the help of hinges, hooks, and clamps. It gives the bathroom space an extremely minimalistic appearance. Plus, the glass is easy to clean and there is quite a little space for soap grease. On the other hand, semi-frameless screens are constructed with a frame around the edge except for around the door. It keeps the look of your shower room neat and tidy. 

Tips to help choose the right type of shower screen for you

In order to successfully renovate your bathroom by installing shower screens, there may be certain confusion along the line. You would definitely want your newly purchased bathroom screens to look nice and yet not punch too hard on your wallet. Your bathroom has a few fixed limitations which you must also consider ahead. Read ahead for a few tips that might get you along the way,

1. Size and Space: Talking about limitations, your bathroom space can go through a limited number of modifications so it is important to consider its dimensions closely. If your space is small, fixed frameless shower screens can help preserve space. They are also transparent and easy to clean. Larger spaces can allow for more innovation by using semi-frameless screens that can be either tinted or frosted. Sliding and foldable screens allow for better mobility in smaller spaces.

2. Quality of the Glass: In the case of our bathrooms, we would never prefer any broken glass in the shower. Shower screen manufacturers always ensure they put up safety instructions and seal of quality with their shower screens. Ensure you check with the manufacturer and retailer for a quality seal.

3. Maintenance: Making modifications to your home comes by adding more items to the list of things to maintain. In the case of shower screens, the screens that provide the best accessibility to all its corners are the easiest to maintain and clean.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate in calling the experts. Keep in mind that your budget must cover all these aspects in order to successfully install the best shower screens for you.