Tips to Avoiding Clogs in Sewer Drain Line

Drain pipes and sewer lines have been there since the time immemorial. When the technology was not advanced, it was very difficult to remove even the minor drain clog. It took days to dig the site, locate the source of problem and do the job. With the advancement of sewer technology, it is easier for the plumbers to locate the problem spot and proceed with the job. If there is a clog in the sewer drain, it is considered a minor problem and not a major one. Plumbers can detect and fix breakages and clogs in a quick manner. There is no need to excavate the pipes anymore as the video inspection technology has come up in the realm of sewer line repair. To unclog sewer drain, the professional uses powerful tools like drain video camera to detect the problem spot. Some of the equipments used by a plumber are sewer snake auger, video camera, water jetting system. That is why, taking professional services for drain unclogging is cost effective. Whether it is your home or a business unit, it is always great to summon a professional plumber.

Sewer Drain

Sewer Drain

When it comes to sewer drain cleaning technology, drain video camera is the latest innovation. With the help of video camera, the plumber can see inside the drain and find the exact source of blockage. There is no need to excavate the entire line. The plumber uses a flexible cable carrying small camera at the end. This cable is pushed inside the drain and the picture of the drain flashes upon the screen. Thus, the plumber is able to see inside the sewer line and then find ways to resolve the issue. But, there are several ways you can adopt to avoid blockage in the sewer line. Regular maintenance of sewer drain is the key to avoiding blockages.

The need for using enzyme cleaner

Plumbing issues may be more serious than a sink which has stopped working. The worst kind of plumbing problem is the sewer system backing up. If the sewer system backs up, you will need a professional plumber. To avoid this situation, you may use enzyme cleaner on a monthly basis. There are several cleaners available in the market and you just have to buy the best type of drain cleaner. Go either for organic cleaner or enzyme cleaner rather than opting for a chemical cleaner. A chemical cleaner will cause more damage to the sewer line. The organic solution is also great for health and the environment.

Keep tree roots, bushes, and leaves away from the sewer line

This is the most basic kind of sewer line maintenance. You have to make sure that tree roots, bushes, and leaves do not remain trapped in the sewer drain. Make sure that the trees are not grown near to the drains. If the roots grow inside the drain, there may occur a lot of maintenance issue as the drain line gets clogged.

Do not flush wipes or other items down the sewer drain

Do not flush toilet paper or wipes down the sewer drain. It may cause clogging in the sewer line. This is an essential part of plumbing maintenance. There will be serious issues in the plumbing system if you drain the wipes, sanitary napkins and other things into it.

Sewer Drain

Sewer Drain

Change the old and cracked clay pipes

With the passage of time, drain pipes may get corroded. If the pipes are corroded and you find cracks all over it, replace the old pipes with the new ones. Rooter cleaning is the part of plumbing maintenance. The sewer line will be free of clogs and debris with regular cleaning. You can also hire a professional for rooter cleaning.