Importance of powered turntables in the industry

The turntable is a revolving plate or platform that supports a record to play or is used by the railway locomotive or other vehicle manufacturing industry. The powered turntable is hard-wearing and programmable and is ideal for work locating, productivity enhancement and system interface.  These turntables assist the labors to rotate and move the heavy loads easily and smoothly. The popular applications of powered turntable are for assemblage, pallet build-up and tear down, and conveyor systems.  The long-lasting design of these industrial turntables is specially designed to endure the stresses and exploitations of an industrial environment.

Powered Turntable

Powered Turntable

Application of Powered Turntables in Conveyors  

  • In today’s age, the type of conveyor are becoming unique due to the increasing demand and requirement. The powered turntable is tremendously popular, particularly in the warehousing and logistics industry. They are typically used to move the distinct substances to another place. They are sturdier and robust than the belt conveyors. They can carry heavy loads easily and in a few minutes.
  • The powered turntable is used by the packaging system for loading purpose. This type of turntable permits the workers to transfer the loads from one direction to the other speedily.
  • This table is the most popular method used in an automatic packaging system. This type of turntable is used for supplying of bottles, mostly necessary for capping machines, labeling and liquid filling.
  • The turntable helps in providing direction to the conveying line.  A unit of conveyor is linked to the table to rotate to the desired position.

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Powered turntables are available in three major types depending on the load they can carry. 

  1. Belt drive: The belt drive turntable has a motor which is situated asymmetrical from the platter, either beneath it or completely outside of, and is linked to the platter by a drive belt made from elastomeric material.
  2. Idler-wheel: The idler-wheel drive is a method which is used to transfer the spin of the main shaft of a motor to another revolving device.
  3. Direct-drive: A direct-drive turntable is the most popular turntable designs in which the motor is situated directly under the center of the platter and is associated to the platter directly. On direct-drive turntable, a shock absorbing substance is placed in between the platter and motor to prevent vibrations.
Powered Turntable

Powered Turntable

  • The powered turntable is mostly used to transfer exceptionally weighty pallets.
  • The powered turntable is beneficial for delivering reversing alteration in the conveying line.
  • The powered turntable is used for loading, unloading the pallets and containers and also for making the workplace user friendly. The presence of turntable maintenance system inhibits the platform from leaning during loading and unloading. The detachable chain guards safeguard the workers from accidental contact with the powered turntable. The turntable consists of lag-down holes which allow stress-free transfer.
  • The powered turntable consists of adaptable rotating force which prevents damage to the motor and gearbox when loading or reloading. The table conveyor can be used for product rotation, accretion as well as maneuvering changes. The standard table top is constructed with angle iron supports. The top is driven by both chain and cogs or air operated cylinder. The part is equipped with expanded metallic protectors on all sides.
  • The powered turntable is chrome plated which prevents erosion of the pin and reduces wear and tear on the center bearing.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that the powered turntables are very much important in the industries today as they take the exploitation of challenging applications and deliver ages of maintenance-free and uncomplicated service and also helps in reducing human labor. The powered turntable reduces manual labor to a large extent, so it is widely used in those industries which require large-scale production.

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