What are Some Useful Plumbing Tips Offered by Expert Plumbers?

It is common to find the plumbing systems in your kitchen, bathroom or other areas of your home developing problems. If you are a DIY expert and are ready to handle many of the emergencies in your home all on your own, you would probably like to try to fix plumbing issues as well – before calling a professional plumber? Here are some useful plumbing tips that are offered by expert plumbers – which can help you address minor plumbing issues or contain the problem before emergency plumbing professionals arrive.



Creaking Pipes

Running hot water often causes the expansion of copper pipes, and makes them grind against the joists and hangers and pipes. Choose adhesive-backed felt to wrap the pipes. You can get the felt at any hardware store in your locality and snip it into small strips. Take out every hanger and have the pipe wrapped up prior to the time you reattach the hanger.

Sprayer Snarls

In case there are sprayer snarls, you need to pull the kitchen sink sprayer out. If the hose has to be jiggled in the process, there is a possibility of the hose being caught on the shutoff valves. Slip a half-inch piece of foam pipe insulation on the shutoff handles and pipes to ensure seamless operations. In case it does not stay in place, apply tape to secure it. You can buy the insulation at 2 or 3 dollars at home centers.

Drain Vacuum

If there are any hard objects such as toys, comb, toothbrush or anything else blocking a drain in your toilet or kitchen, the only solution might not be a plunger. Using a plunger will only end up pushing the object deeper into the drain. Rather, you should use a dry or wet shop vacuum to suck the water out and the blockage along with it.

Finding a Pipe

If you are trying to spot a pipe beneath the surface of the floor, get hold of a neodymium (rare earth) magnet and attach it to an electrical fish tape. Insert it via the cleanout plug into your drain lines. Use a standard compass to find the pipe and magnet, which can wildly turn once it senses a strong magnet. If this seems to be too tough, call a professional plumber.

Loud Sinks

If the kitchen or bathroom sink makes a lot of noise, use expanding foam to fill up the space between the two basins. The use of foam will reduce the vibrations and reduce the loud effect. Although you can do this even after installation, it can be much easier and cleaner for you to try this prior to the setup. In any case, you should allow the foam to harden. Use a knife to trim the excess away.

Bucket Flush

If you must flush the toilet, follow these steps:

  • Make use of a whole bucket of water.
  • Before shutting off the supply of water, use water to fill up two buckets – one gallon in each.
  • Pour the water down into the bowl to flush the toilet. With every bucket, you will be able to get a flush.

This acts as fine as the standard technique, although this will not refill your bowl.



Removing the Trap

Before you remove the trap, first you should plunge water. Use a toilet plunger to give a few plunges to the drain prior to sink trap removal. It will help remove most water from the sink trap and reduce the amount of mess while pulling the trap. In case of a double sink, make sure that the other drain is plugged – so that a vacuum is created, and the air pressure is contained. A professional plumber can, of course, save you all these hassles.


What Are the Services Offered by A Professional Plumber?

It goes without saying that the plumber is the one who is a genius in plumbing services. The expert will efficiently handle tasks, which you cannot possibly undertake on your own. However, it is a misunderstanding that such professionals are called only when you have to perform a cleaning or maintenance. There will be times when you would simply need an advice and you can certainly reach out to the expert. Right from clogged drain pipes, to leaky faucets, there are many plumbing issues that can arise and that require you to take action by hiring a registered plumber.



What are the types of plumbing undertaken by professional plumbers?

  • Household Plumbing: There will be a plumber who would undertake only a specific form of plumbing job. It is up to you whether to call in a specialist or a general plumbing service. If you are planning to hire a specialist, then you should be clear about the work such professionals can handle. The household plumbing professionals are the ones who understand the nature of residential piping and related problems. Be it cracks or burst pipes, they are adept at dealing with the situation. However, before you call the plumbers, it is essential that you check whether they have the required set of tools and instruments.
  • Industrial Plumbing: Just like the expert plumber for the residential section, there will be one for the commercial areas too. They come with the technology and the tools to handle the plumbing issue. It does not matter how enormous the situation is, they can resolve the issue at the earliest. In fact, even if you are looking for an emergency service, you will find the plumber at your service. The service providers are equipped with techniques to undertake hydro-scrub, auto-injections and even video inspections.
  • Sewer and Drainage: When you think of plumber, it is not just the regular pipe work that the professional will be responsible for. His role can be as diverse as handling the sewer and drainage systems. While any householder can claim to take care of the leaking tap, it takes enormous study and experience to deal with the drains and sewer systems. Besides, there will be state pipe that one might have to deal with. Hence, it is best to trust the expert on such matters. Be it the roots of any tree that meddle with your pipe work or need urgent cleaning of the septic tanks, you can be sure that the plumber will efficiently get the work done. 


Efficient plumbers also deal with Emergency Leakages and Bursts.

There can be times when there is a sudden burst or leaks in the pipes. You might neither be equipped nor would you have the time to research on how to fix the situation on your own. This is precisely the time when you can resort to the expert. The professional plumbing services will have their experts available even for emergencies. If you ever come across such a situation, you would know whom you can trust. However, it is essential that you find a service in advance. You cannot expect to find a provider at the last moment and assume it reliable.

A person who is well-informed about the services that typically a plumbing service offers will be able to call the service at the right time. Before you contact the plumber, it is important to take an estimate by comparing different plumbing agencies, and then you can actually choose the best one according to the reviews that you have of them. It is also important to notice the time period within which they can actually complete their plumbing work.