How to Choose A Perfect Industrial Dust Extractor?

An industrial dust extractor should offer a variety of dust extraction systems and solutions. It has to be the best when it comes to capturing the dust efficiently and effectively. The systems should include every requirement from small dust bag filters and benches to larger dust booths and even cyclones.

The Industrial dust extraction technology should increase profitability through reliable, energy efficient and production focused systems. It should provide with an extensive range of industrial dust extractors and dust collectors. This should include on – tool extractors and filtration systems that will deliver remedies for invariably numerous industrial dust control challenges. Not only advanced technology but also advanced safety is required to make it an ideal machine. Safety should also be in front of the mind while designing, installing and maintaining the industrial dust extraction systems. It should always ensure to HSE and COSHH regulations so that the worker is protected.

The Industrial dust extractor should provide with effective dust extraction and filtration solutions for any material such as wood, paper plastic, composite or let it be metal, whether it is from a single point using a dust vacuum or just a dust bag filter or from multiple points within a centralized extract system just by using fans.

Dust Extractor

Dust Extractor

The industrial dust extractor and even the ventilation system should cover a variety of industries and sectors such as wood working, metal machining, general manufacturing, recycling, automotive and engineering.

The major concern has to be regarding the work place and the environmental health. That is why there has to be a wide range of dust collectors and simultaneously it has to offer with ducting, installation, and maintenance services. The product should be of the highest quality and the team members should be experienced enough to have a keen eye while locating any defaults or any issues within the machine which are to be installed or are currently installed. The company should provide and deliver expert dust extraction solutions without any hesitation.

The Industries That Include Solutions to Dust Is: –

  • Timber
  • Food processing
  • Paper
  • Printing
  • Plastics
  • Mining
  • Chemicals
  • Welding
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Schools (which include wood working)
  • Foundries

The service should include with the end to end project requirements such as Concept Designs and cost estimates, project management, construction supervision, professional labor hire, materials handling, pneumatic conveying, vacuum conveying, centralized vacuum cleaning, process trim waste handling, dust pollution control.

The Dust Control Solutions include the collection from workshop dust like extraction, welding, grinding and cutting, sawdust collection or extraction, welding extraction and ventilation, plasma and laser cutting extraction, storage shed materials unloading and loading – removing and filtering stirred up dust and powders and from airborne dust extraction and ventilation issues which are caused by Bulk Handling materials. Example: – Truck unloading, Front End loaders (loading and unloading), bulker bag unloading, conveyor belt transfer points, etc.

Industrial dust extractor should provide with a cleaner and safer work environment alongside with increased manufacturing efficiencies. There should be a series of stationary and portable industrial dust extractors which should be designed for superior performance. The extractors should be available in a series of sizes which will make the most versatile, powerful, and rugged industrial dust collection systems. There should be suitable models for perfect, smaller and on – the – go jobs and also for large plant or factory applications.

The system should be built in both cartridge and baghouse styles for any practical situation and so that it can meet our specific and desired needs. The system benefits should include increased manufacturing efficiencies and should provide with cleaner, and safer environment for the employees.