How Do You Know Your Car Needs Immediate Drive Shaft Repairs?

Much of your vehicle’s actual performance relies on how drive shaft is going to operate and support your driving on road. Drive shaft is a vital element to any vehicle since it gives momentum to your car and brings it from idle status to agility. So without it, you can’t expect your vehicle to move around. Axles, CV joint are drive shaft components are the most significant to the efficient functioning and smooth driving of your vehicle. Broken drive shaft have dire consequences on which will have you marooned on a no man’s road.

Drive Shaft Repairs

Drive Shaft Repairs

The worst is, without healthy drive shaft, you can even meet dangerous accidents. The drive shaft is cylindrical component made of steel or aluminum that connects transmission to rear differential. This happens by means of CV joints that transfer torque from the transmission point in order to actuate the action of wheels. CV joints also allow the axle to flex and alter its movement as the wheels bounce. Axle is the important component as it takes the weight of the vehicle and is strong enough to support the forces from brakes and acceleration.

These components, due to constant actions, wear away gradually over time and need maintenance or replacement. Here you are going to learn how you can know it is time for drive shaft repairs. There are certain signs that will lead you to car mechanic’s shop for the drive shaft maintenance.

Creepy noises

When driving a vehicle, certain threatening noises often become the sign of something awful coming in. noises reveal a lot more than you usually think. There are some creepy noises you may hear from your car that suggests that your drive shaft has gone bad and needs some maintenance. Squeaking and creaking are kind of sounds that become noticeable. Faster you drive, more intense it gets. But it also goes subtle and hard to hear when driving at higher speed. You can also hear loud clunking sort of sound while driving the car, which means you really need to show your car to an expert mechanic for drive shaft repairs.

Unexpected vibration

Of course, when gear or rotating device gets out of balance, the phenomenon of vibration ensues. This happens when drive shaft is damaged and its performance is compromises because of its unhealthy state. If you are driving front-wheel-drive vehicle, it will come from front end of the vehicle. Similarly, it will emit from rear part if it is rear-wheel-drive car you are driving. On one point, things will really get out of control if not mended on time, and the whole car will begin to judder uncontrollably. To some extent, you will observe shaking action from floorboards. Higher the speed, worse will be the vibration. When car is in acceleration mode, vibration can be subject to bad tyre. But in case of drive shaft problem, this happens even when it is still. This is why you need to visit auto mechanic for effective drive shaft repairs.

Drive Shaft Repairs

Drive Shaft Repairs

Unable to turn your car as you desire

Another sign that you would notice in case of bad drive shaft is the trouble you will encounter turning your car. This happens as drive shaft goes rigid and does not respond to the movement of wheels as you desire. So whenever there is a need to take a sharp turn in case of emergency, you will fail to get co-operation from the mechanical system of your car. U-turn is one such requirement when you need to get your car to perform sharp curve. Hesitation and resistance from the wheels when you take sharp turn is the symptom of dysfunctional drive shaft.

Drive shaft, axles and CV joint are not kind of components that fall off just like that, and the damage and deterioration happens slowly and subtly, over a course of time. Instead of taking these signs lightly, it is wise advice to opt for drive shaft repairs by veteran car service and maintenance specialist.