Unique Ways to Decorate Your Home & Garden with Stone Pavers

If you try to do something innovative with the current designs and layout of your home garden or your commercial garden, then you can use the stone pavers for great results. You can also create an artistic pathway with the help of stone paving installations that will not only keep the garden and the flower beds, free from unnecessary treading, but that will also give a unique look to the area surrounding your garden:

  • You can create a concrete and stone pave way around your garden, after you have measured the path dimension. Then you can call in the paving professionals to establish the base with broken concrete or with crushed rock.
  • You can also use the stone pavers as part of a great landscape design that will enhance the resale value of your property.
  • It is also important to note what your paving installation plans are, what is your budget and what are the materials that you will use for stone paving installation, before you start with the garden decoration work.
Crazy Paving

Crazy Paving

Outdoor pavers help to create a sustainable yard in front of your home:

It is important to note how stone pavers can also be used to create a sustainable yard in front of your home:

  • You can select plants that do not usually get infested with insects or pests, and those that require less water and maintenance.
  • Trees and small shrubs can add more beauty to your paved yard area, as they provide the necessary shade and insulation from heat during summer.
  • If you provide water to the plants and shrubs, make sure that you do that with the help of a hand water dispenser, and not with any machine. This ensures proper growth of the plants around the pavers.
  • Call in the professionals who are expert in dealing with stone pavers, to include low maintenance pavers that have artistic value. Colorful pavers with innovative designs can actually enhance the quality of your garden.

What are the benefits of pavers that are weather-resistant?

If you install stone pavers in your garden or in your walkways or backyard, then make sure to go for the weather-resistant pavers, as they do not break or get damaged due to heavy rain, heat, and snowfall and even hail storms. Gradual expansion and contraction cause asphalt and concrete products to crack, but this is not the case with strong and weather-resistant stone pavers. They are even resistant to algae, mildew and to any type of soil erosion.

Crazy Paving

Crazy Paving

Why paving is more suitable than using pads?

There are many reasons why you should go for stone pavers, and not use concrete pads:

  • Pads are generally installed on a bed of sand that is not compact. But on the other hand, concrete, stone paving is made on a sand base which is leveled and compact. This is good why it is used in making hallways or patios.
  • The quality, consistency and thickness of a paver is always much more than a pad, so it is advisable to use stone pavers instead of pads, if you want to decorate your home and office garden.
  • Pavers are much easier and lighter to use, as compared to the 2 feet by 2 feet pads.

What is the process to install stone pavers?

  • Making an initial plan and starting the layout
  • Checking with the local authorities and ordering for the supply of sandstones or granites.
  • Outlining the project area, scoping the slope and then excavating the space
  • Laying base, putting on sand, and then slowly putting the pavers

Apart from this, you can consult with the crazy paving professionals to get the paving done successfully.