Effective ways to control air pollution

Effective ways to control air pollution

When there is a lack of oxygen and pollution-rich air, there are possibilities of getting respiratory disorders and ailments, which can be dangerous to health and can even lead to deaths as well. With the growing population, there has been a considerable increase in the industries and also vehicles. With all these factors, there is a lot of air pollution that is being seen, and it looks as if there is going to be a severe problem for mankind in the future if there is no immediate attention given to this problem. Air pollution control has to be taken seriously and especially in metropolitan cities, after the introduction of the latest technologies almost all the cities suffer from deforestation, and this is again another major reason for air pollution.

air pollution control.

Well, there are many such reasons that cause air pollution, but, in this article, we have listed out a few effective ways to focus on how to work towards air pollution control.

1. Conserve maximum energy  

You must make sure to conserve maximum energy at homes and offices. , One must remember that these are pretty effective ways to start air pollution control.Switch off the Air Conditioning Units and also other electrical appliances that can cause pollution. Checking for the labels on the products regarding pollution standards can also be one of the effective means to start pollution control. These are some of the simple things that each one of us can follow and contribute towards controlling air pollution.

2. Avoid regular use of private vehicles

Most of us love to take our two and four-wheelers outside for leisurely or office purposes, and we even use it for going to a store that is just a stone throw away from our homes or offices. This can cause a lot of pollution. Instead of this, using carpooling or walking on the roads can be some of the best measures that can be taken towards air pollution control.

3. Try to switch off the engines when not in use

A lot of drivers have the habit of keeping the engines turned on even when the vehicles are not in use. For instance, if there is a signal light for more than 3 minutes or so, it becomes absolutely important to turn off the vehicle engines. The vehicles would be emitting a lot of smoke, and this can again lead to air pollution.

4. Planting trees

Deforestation has become a trend these days, and this is one of the major causes of air pollution. Planting saplings wherever there is place and also having their own terrace gardens is also one of the ways to air pollution control.Plants absorb the carbon-dioxide and give out fresh oxygen. When the trees are being cut, then there would be a dearth of fresh oxygen, and this can lead to severe health issues.

5. Try not to use a fireplace unnecessarily

It has become a habit for interior designers to build a fireplace in every home these days. However, it is important to remember that these fireplaces are to be used only when they are required. It consumes a lot of wood, and this would, in turn, give out too much smoke, and this can be one of the reasons for air pollution.

6. Smoke from the industries is to be controlled

Industries should take all types of precautionary measures to improve the air quality within and outside their premises. There are policies to be followed strictly by the industries towards air pollution control. When these things are done properly, one can contribute towards a better environment.

Well, these are some of the ways to improve air pollution controlhowever, all these things are to be done consistently to see the results quickly. It is always a smaller and positive contribution to the environment that leads to a greater and healthier change in the future.