Indoor Netball: What Is It? How Is It Played? Lexicon and Rules

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor games to play such as baseball, cricket, table tennis, badminton, etc. Indoor Netball is a game which an indoor covered with a net across four sides and overhead. The net is used to prevent the ball from tossing outside the perimeter. It is one of the competitive game played either by six or seven players which is known as ‘6-a-side’ and ‘7-a-side’.



Things to Know About Indoor Netball:

If you want to play the netball then you need to learn the rules of this game, and you have to learn about the techniques, moves and positions of a player. In this case, you can buy some netball equipments and practice in your home first, and then you can join your school team for playing on the open ground. Indoor netball is mostly played by women only, but sometime men also join their team to play the netball. There is a small difference between netball and basketball. You can run and drib with the basketball, but in the indoor netball, you cannot move with the ball. If you pass the netball to other then you have to stop and wait for your turn. Apart from that, netball ring is much higher than the basket ball and you can find a small ring for drop your ball. However, to pay the indoor netball, you need some basic equipment and you need to learn this game from some reputed indoor netball schools.

Standard Rules

The games are played within a perimeter of the net where two teams play opposite to each other scoring goals until one win and another loss. The rules are similar to that of netball game. Each game of indoor netball consists of 4 quarters comprising of 10 minutes each. Each half of the court has one individual umpire where the winner is selected with the maximum number of scores.

Types of Netball Game

  • 6-a-side: The court is divided into two parts with 6 players each and further divided into three levels. There are two defense players, two attack and two center players on each side. A team gains one point for scoring in a circle and two points when the ball goes outside the circle.
  • 7-a-side: In this version, the court is divided into two parts into three sections. In this version, players can only score a single point when scoring in the circle.

What Is The Gameplay?

The game is divided into four quarters of 9 -10 minutes where the first step is tossing. The ball is passed between players of a same team to score against the opposing team while other players can snatch the ball to score points for their team.

A single point is given to the team scoring the goal from inside the circle and then, 2 points are awarded to the team which scored from outside the circle by an attacker or center players.

Indoor Netball

Indoor Netball

What Are the Types of Infringements?

There are a number of moves or maneuvers which are regarded as infringement which causes make the accused losing a point as foul. There are various types of infringement which are stated below.

  • Replayed Ball
  • Offside
  • Obstruction
  • Personal Contact
  • Contact with ball
  • Stepping
  • Penalty Points
  • Kicking the ball
  • Short pass
  • Player on the ground

So if you want to play the indoor netball then you need to know about these terms and you must practice a lot to prepare yourself.

Indoor netball is a great game played between two teams opposing each other and trying to score in against of each other. You can play this game on regular basis and this game will help you to reduce your weight.

Be on Top of Your Game with Professional Grade Sports like action netball

The top level ball and net games thrill the players and entertain their spectators. Most of these sports are regulated at the international level. The federations and organizations enforce strict rules to promote professional standards. Variations and indoor formats are more suited for fun and entertainment. Action netball is definitely high on the list of such spirited and passionate sports. Participants in all age groups create an energy atmosphere on the playing arena.



What Are the Thrills Associated with The Idea of Action Netball?

The special action netball events generate a great deal of buzz and winning moments. Some basic principles and rules are listed here for the curious minds –

  • Two young or older teams of 7-players compete on the court in a friendly manner.
  • The playing surface has three parts known as goal circle, goal and centre thirds.
  • The arena separators are clearly visible to spectators as transverse lines.
  • The side and back nets ensure that the player’s area is clearly demarcated.
  • The game variations include 5 to 8 players with or without substitutions.
  • Aim of the on-court players is to pass the ball and score inside goal circle.
  • Team that scores maximum points in an hour is declared the winner.

Role of The Venue Manager for Any Netball Sporting Event:

Professional federations contribute to the development of lesser known sports. The retired players and former stars also pitch in with their expertise. Some take up full time coaching, while others venture into entertainment. The indoor action netball centres are managed by competent and dynamic staff. The business owner and management perform these tasks –

  • The action versions and little leagues promote camaraderie and entertainment.
  • Weekend nights are suitable for organizing competitive and socializing events.
  • A mixture of fun, rules, affordability, and athleticism is guaranteed by the team.
  • The floor operations involve helping the teams with sporting and general activities.
  • Customer service is top notch and the umpires also receive generous assistance.
  • The primary goal of action netball manager is to create an enjoyable experience.
  • The staff displays courteous behaviour under the supervision of venue managers.
Action Netball

Action Netball

Mixed Games Are Also in Use for Large-Scale Netball Tournaments: 

The popular action netball events are organized with a mix of men and women. Mixed teams are infused with a healthy dose of competition. Team fairness is ensured by limiting the number of male players to 2 or 3. The role of attacking and defending players is crucial for successful outcomes.

  • Mixed games refer to both team composition and playtime rules.
  • There has to be at least one male player in each team at any time of the game.
  • A maximum of three men should occupy shooter, defender, and middle court positions.
  • There are three quarters with durations of 15, 30, and 15 minutes each.
  • Power play with double scoring is selected by a team during any one quarter.
  • Netting the ball from outside the goal circle is scored as a 2 pointer.

The Umpire Rules

Rules prevent irresponsible behaviour and promote respect for sporting traditions. Even social participants turn into competitive players to assert their skills. Talented action netball umpires enforce the rules. They follow these generic guidelines during the play offs –

  • Umpire is the sole and final authority on all on-court decisions.
  • Appeals are not permitted and challengers are silenced with whistling.
  • The umpiring expert avoids ball contact, but accidental interference is part of the play.
  • He or she highlights infringements and issues penalties and clarifications.

Apart from this, the important functions are scoring, timing, starting and stoppage of play.