Select A Perfect Reception Desk For Your Office In 3 Simple And Easy Steps

The reception area of an office gives the first impression of your company in front of your visitors. As the saying goes, the first impression matters.  Hence, you should necessarily follow specific steps to buy and install appropriate reception furniture, especially the reception desk in Melbourne for your office.

reception desks

Reception Desks

1. Select an Office Desk based on Other Reception Items

New reception furniture items play a significant role to transform the entire space into a functional and welcoming area for both your visitors and staff. Thus, you have to consider the size of your reception space before selecting furniture. To ensure that your large furniture pieces remain on a scale with the room. Besides, it would help if you also looked at other parameters, like:

  • Height of the Desk

The height of the reception desk should necessarily be conducive to greet the visitors. Besides, the desk should hide any clutter and confidential items from the eyes of the public, whilst simultaneously being sound ergonomically.

  • Chairs and Couches 

If your office space and office seating requirements allow, you may add chairs and couches to scale with the reception room. Besides, while buying both the reception desk and reception chair, you have to consider comfort, easy cleaning & maintenance, along with durability factors.

2. Selection of a Desk According to Design Elements 

Whether you go to buy an office desk, a chair, a reception couch, or anything else, you have to consider a few essential elements while choosing a piece of appropriate office furniture.

  • Furniture Layout 

You should make sure that the selected layout for your waiting room or reception area should be pleasing in terms of aesthetics. Therefore, the furniture should allow your visitors a direct and full path towards the reception desk. Besides, your chosen furniture pieces should provide ample of space for others sitting in reception chairs. If you are facing difficulty while deciding on your own, you may seek help from professional office planners to optimize the furniture placement and in turn, to enhance the comfort level as well as operational efficiency.

  • Style or Tone of the Reception Area 

The style or tone of the reception area is responsible for conveying your business and its operations. For instance, the traditional type of reception furniture may never become an excellent choice if you are a startup company. Instead, look for modern furnishings to create a lasting impression in front of your clients and business partners.

  • Key Functions

The selection of reception desk furniture should depend solely on various functions, which are according to the specific type and extent of work required to perform in the office’s waiting room.  If your clients have to just check-in or register before moving in or entering the building, only a desk is sufficient, i.e. you do not need any reception chair. But if the reception area also serves as a waiting lounge, then your needs may differ.

3. Selection of a Desk According to Customer Experience 

Whenever you decide to design an entirely new reception desk, you have to think about different aspects. Mainly, you have to consider privacy and accessibility as two significant factors to design a reception desk. If your office waiting room is a busy area with heavy traffic movement, you have to find the surface space required to fill out paperwork or other such activities.

reception desks

Reception Desks

To cover each of the aspects, you should create a spreadsheet that contains each of the aspects related to the reception area. In this case, you have to cater to most of the requirements. This step makes sure that your clients or customers get an enjoyable experience at the time they visit your company.


With the considerations above, you will get a perfect desk to place in the office reception area and create a good impression with your clients.

Tips to Choose the Right Office Storage Cabinets

Whether you want to launch your new office, expand or want to renovate it, you have to take the first step, i.e. select appropriate pieces of office furniture. In this case, you have to make sure that the furniture item you choose, like chairs, tables, office storage cabinets fulfills your needs whilst also rendering the right comfort levels. Some additional efforts may be needed to select the right storage cabinet for your office.

office storage cabinets

Office Storage Cabinets

What Office Cabinets Do?

Office storage cabinets are useful to store documents, files and other essential office belongings and they are essential even in today’s era. We have to keep most of the documents, data and other necessary things at the right place to get access to them as and when required with minimum effort and time wastage.  Certain professions/businesses mandate that some types of documents have to be saved for future references.

Tips to Choose the Office Cabinets 

Tip 1-Analyze the Purpose for Buying Cabinets

You have to keep in mind that office storage cabinets are available in the furniture market to meet different purposes. Thus, before you should buy one, you have to identify your specific requirements. These include cabinets for receptionists, operators, the boss, and other employees.

Tip 2-Prepare a List of Office Cabinets Available in the Market 

Once you identify the specific requirement, you have to check the quality of office storage cabinets in Melbourne according to your particular needs. For this, prepare a list of cabinets available in the local market or online. These are-

  • Regular usage cabinets
  • Mobile cabinets
  • Lateral file cabinets
  • Insulated and fireproof type of vertical cabinets with locking system
  • Drawer type of cabinet
  • All-rounder cabinet and many more.

Tip 3-Select the One According to the Office Size, Cabinet Space and its Storage Capacity

Even though you will get a massive list of office storage cabinets to choose from, you have to select the one according to the size of your office area, business type, where you have to place it, etc.  Also, you should make sure that your chosen cabinet has enough storage capacity by the workload of your company/business and the need to store important files and documents. Other than this, you have to give priority to the spacious cabinet, which may easily carry different types of files in a single set containing different blocks.

Tip 4-Choose the Cabinets by Considering the Types of Elements to Store 

You have to think about the specific types of elements to store in the office storage cabinets. Depending on the particular type only, you should buy a particular kind of storage space. For instance, if you need a cabinet to store a few small items, a small drawer type of cabinet is enough. However, if you have to store documents, you should look for closet models and file cabinets. Alternatively, you should look for shelve type cabinets if you need to store many big items. Shelves are available in diverse shapes and consist of different materials. Hence, you should get the perfect one to meet your office requirements.

Tip 5-Select the Cabinet as Per Your Business Style 

While you have to consider parameters such as office space, size, storage capacity and cabinet space in your mind, you should also have to choose cabinets and other furniture items, which highlight the specific type of role the office personnel play. For instance, if you are in an executive position, you should strictly avoid selecting an office desk, which looks like it is about 10years or 20years old. Instead, you have to go with the one, which has an elegant look, and which can be upgraded when required.

With a few of the valuable tips, you will get the right storage cabinet or storage desk without making any compromise on your office décor style.

What Is the Need of Office Fit Out and Refurbishment?

What Is the Need of Office Fit Out and Refurbishment?

The appearance of the office is a huge factor in the growth of the business. It affects the minds of those who visit the office. The image of the office is judged based on how it looks. It is the first impression that actually counts for the business. The professionals who are interested to work with your company look for a feel-good factor when they step into your office.

What Difference Does It Make?

  • The first impression that is created in the minds of the professionals with office fit out and refurbishment is vital. It should not be ignored when one plans to start their office. The task might seem daunting for many companies, but it is not so. Instead, it has many benefits and gives the right impression to the professionals. The best thing is that it has a great impact upon the morale of the staff as well as their productivity.
  • The greatest advantage with office fit out and refurbishment is that there is an efficient use of space. The best use of space defines the office in a better way and one can create a storage space too. The office does not look cramped up if it is designed well. The important thing is that the office is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the staff so that they can do their job quietly and in privacy.
  • The other difference that office fit out and refurbishment makes is that it helps to build the image of the company. If the office workplace looks bright and clean, it will definitely have a positive effect upon the health and the well-being of the people working in the office. The choice of accurate colors also has a huge impact on the moods of the persons working in the office.
Office Fit Out and Refurbishment

Office Fit Out and Refurbishment

Why Transform Office Design?

  • The morale of the staff working in the office is boosted with the office fit out and refurbishment. It is not just the appearance but also a new look that will transform the entire working atmosphere.
  •  The employees begin to feel valued by working in a positive environment. The use of the best colors has proved to be very effective in the well-being of the employees.
  • The most important thing is that the productivity of the team of employees improves. The working professionals feel the drive to work more as it enhances their moods. This has a direct influence on the productivity of the employees.
  • The other benefit with office fit out and refurbishment is that it creates a very good impression upon the potential clients. This is because the office looks attractive with stunning design and this helps to create a good impression on the clients. The growth of the business is highly affected by this innovative concept.
  • The office fit out and refurbishment is all about creating new spaces like a new meeting area or a social space. It can be designed with the help of a glass partition to create a healthy interactive environment. If there is a free environment, then it will help to decrease the stress level amongst the team members.
Office Fit Out and Refurbishment

Office Fit Out and Refurbishment

The crucial part of transforming the environment of the office has to be well planned and designed. The designers must take time and put the effort into maximizing the office space and complementing the varied corporate aspects. Planning is very important for any office fit out project. The intention is to create a stress-free environment so that both the clients and the staff enjoy working in this environment. It is important to make the atmosphere enjoyable and interesting. The idea of creating a modern space for the clients includes proper lighting and an easy movement throughout the office space.