How to Make Your Wheelchair More Comfortable?

How to Make Your Wheelchair More Comfortable?

A lot of people are dependent on wheelchair for their movement around the place and become little less dependent. There are various kinds of wheelchair from manual to battery-operated high-end ones, but the thing that is common in every wheelchair is that one is sitting on it for long periods of time.

Sitting on a wheelchair for longer periods of time can become problematic for varieties of reasons. It can affect your pressure points and can result in pressure sores or ulcers. To solve this one must use wheelchair pressure relief cushions for better comfort.

Different Types of Wheelchair Pressure Relief Cushions

If you are sitting on the wheelchair for longer periods or almost whole time, you should consider getting Wheelchair pressure relief cushions as these can help in preventing the pressure sores or ulcers. Pressure sores or ulcers can be really painful for the person and can even hinder the daily tasks like sitting and lying down. Different types of wheelchair pressure relief cushions are:


Wheelchair Pressure Relief Cushions

  • Air Cushions
  • Heavy Duty Cushions
  • Comfort Cushions
  • Foam Cushions
  • Gel and Water Cushions
  • Paediatric Cushions
  • Back Cushions
  • Prevention Cushions

There is quite a range of these cushions available from expensive to economical ones. They range from paediatric cushions to the ones for elderly.

How to Choose A Wheelchair Pressure Relief Cushion?

If you are thinking of buying a wheelchair pressure relief cushion you must first see these pointers which can help you come to a decision on which one to buy:

  • Look for options which provide the best pressure relief as this is the main purpose of getting a relief cushion. Areas like lower back, sit bones and hips are most likely to form pressure sores.
  • The usage of cushion should be kept in mind while purchasing one.
  • Friction and sheer force are other factors that one must consider. The cushion should not let person to slide too much and neither to restrict the movement too much. Balance should be there otherwise it can result in pressure sores.
  • Look out for cushions which have protective liners or covers which can be changed and washed away to help maintain the hygiene.
  • The cushion must be able to distribute your weight evenly around, which is accomplished by different types of cushions in different ways.

These are some of the pointers that must be kept in mind while you are buying a cushion. These pointers can help reduce your legwork a lot.

How to Have A Comfortable Wheelchair?

Some of the ways you can make your wheelchair comfortable are as follows:

  • Lumbar Support – It is the area in lower back where it curves inside, Lumbar support can make a lot of difference to your comfort on a wheelchair. You can put a rolled-up cloth or you can get lumbar support sets.
  • ROHO cushions – These cushions are available in both high and low range options. These are the best among the cushioning that is being done for wheelchair.
  • Get Arm Rests – Get your Arm rests cushioned.
  • Get Jay Backrest – Getting a back rest can enhance the comfort ability of a wheelchair. Jay Backrests are the best among the ones available.
  • Customised Seating – You can also think about getting customised sitting arrangements and cushioning done by professionals who will do it according to the needs of your body.

If you are thinking about making your wheelchair more comfortable these pointers will definitely help you out. Also, you must try wheelchair pressure relief cushions which can improve your experience and can make it easier and more comfortable; this can overall improve your outlook to many things.



Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing Incontinence Pads

In terms of choice of incontinence pads, there are numerous options available in the market. It is not a standard size for all, and if you stumble upon the wrong one, then the world would come crashing down. The question is how you come across the perfect one among numerous choices being available in the modern days. Let us first check out the types of pads available in the market.

Incontinence Pads

Incontinence Pads

Women pads: They are self-adhesive pads and fit into the underwear easily. They are available in different lengths or widths, which depend around absorbencies of women. In case, if you are pregnant and extra pressure is being put on your bladder, or in a stage of menopause, you need protection throughout the course of the day, the proper pad will keep you fresh the whole day. Some of them are available with odour protection, whereas others come with disposable bags. 

Pads for men: Also termed as male guards or shields which is too available in different lengths or widths. They are designed to stick to your underwear, which ensures greater protection against any form of undue leaks. As most of the products are elastic, they conform to your shape in order to prevent any leak. Most of them are odour resistant and to provide protection for a long time after it has become wet.

Unisex pads: They are designed in such a manner that they fit the male or the female anatomy, and come in varied lengths, widths, or absorbency levels. As most of them are oval shaped they fit your curves so the chances of accidents happening to reduce considerably. In addition to this, being a pull-out product, you can wear them easily. They do ensure that there is a greater level of absorbency or if you travel for extended hours at a stretch without any breaks in between. Once the product becomes soiled, the odour guard comes into action whereas the absorbent lining will whack away the moisture and lock it.

Incontinence Pads

Incontinence Pads

The process of choosing an incontinence product

When you are about to shop for incontinence pads, you will be humbled with the choices in front of you. However, there are several points to keep in mind when you are choosing such product.

  • Size- Any undergarment which is too small or large in size will not be that effective in preventing urine leaks. For this reason, you would need to measure your hips, waist, and then match it to the product of the company. The onus of choice of a brand is dependent on you.
  • Absorbency – The choice of an undergarment is dependent on the pattern of incontinence. It all boils down to the leakage of urine.
  • Cost – These products are on the expensive side, but this should not be the only criteria in the choice of a product. When you opt for a cheap diaper, the performance level will be low and quality is on the cheaper side. Therefore, you would need to change on a constant basis. Do keep in mind that you would need to choose a product with perfect absorption, so that leakage is the last thing on your mind. If cost is on your mind, then opt for washable products or you can purchase in bulk. When you opt for an online purchase not only discrete delivery is assured, but also many companies tend to provide discounts on bulk deals.

The pull-up incontinence pads can work out to be a better choice. However, you would need to be aware that during nights, do not use them when an individual tends to move in bed. It reduces the chances of accident to a negligible level.

Health Benefits of Opting for Cold Juice Presser

Fruits are undoubtedly a key to healthy living. Many people believe in having fresh fruit juice every morning since it is believed to remove toxins from the body. However, if you take into consideration the market available ready made juices, to which extent can you be915 juice presser confirming about their nutrient value. While in most cases preservatives, added flavors and colors minimize the healthy nutrient value of the juice, it may even be sometimes harmful if there is a use of chemical ingredients. This is why modern-day nutritionist prefers fresh juices from cold juice presser.

Cold Press Juicer

Press Juicer

  • These juicers are preferred since they offer natural and fresh juice extracted directly from fruits.
  • Since there are no added preservatives or use of chemicals, it is highly healthy and even easy to digest.
  • Since the cold press juicer uses extensive pressure instead of heat in extracting juice, a maximum nutrient value of fruit is maintained in the process.
  • Even the low-speed mechanism behind juice extraction helps in maintaining the nutritional value as well.
  • Since the fruits are not subjected to cutting or shredding, they are not exposed to oxidization which causes the loss of good bacteria from the juice.

Stress Reduction

Juice presser can be used to extract not only fruit juices, but it offers great flexibility to even extract vegetable juices. As per studies, amino acid tryptophan, a key nutrient found in spinach, helps to pacify and enhance healthy sleeping. Even more, spinach is also high in magnesium content, an essential nutrient that is great for muscle relaxation and healthier nerves. Therefore, to reduce stress, you can effectively try out spinach based juice recipes to obtain a better mood and relieve your stresses.

Maintain Body Weight

When you extract vegetable or fruit juice with high-speed blending method, the resulting juice that you get is topped with a foam layer with the bottom being rather watery. However, in a case of cold press juicer, the juice that you obtain is smooth and even one with all nutrients intact. This means you lose less amount of nutritional value compared to regular or centrifugal juicers. These juices essentially offer nutrient that enhances your body metabolism rate. This also helps the body to consume fat deposition in the body, thereby reducing body weight. In addition, it also removes the harmful toxins of the body and uplifts healthy skin as well.

Press Juicer

Press Juicer

Anti Aging Secret

Healthy metabolism, smooth and glowing skin, and enhanced body functioning, all lead to one solution that is anti-aging. While people use a lot of chemical solutions, serums, creams or capsules as anti-aging solutions, a simple step to healthy living, an anti-aging solution can be regular consumption of fresh fruit juice. However, the only condition is to have the juice with optimum nutrient content.

  • New York Times best seller author Dr. Mercola described that blood gets the value of the nutrition from fruit juices, and it essentially optimizes the pH of the body, which in turn boosts the energy of the body.
  • Since cold pressed juices have the optimum amount of nutrient and vitamins, they help to boost your immune system by offering the body with phytochemicals and biophotonic light energy.
  • Moreover, this type of juice retains the good bacteria, which also benefits in acting as guard for the body’s immunity system by suppressing the pathogenic bacteria in the body.

Thus, the next time you think of investing for those preserved and pasteurized fruit juices, just weigh your decision with this healthy alternative. Doing so you can really achieve a healthy and energetic lifestyle for yourself as well as for your family.

Perform Strength Training Exercises with Resistance Bands

The resistance bands are used as effective tool for training and these are made of thin but strong rubber. It has handles at the end for ease of operation. These bands are available in variety for different fitness level. These bands are helpful to practice strength exercise like rows, chest presses, shoulder presses etc. If you use these bands for training there is no need to add any heavyweights in your exercise regime. They are a great addition to any training program. You will find these in great lengths, sizes and strengths. It is portable and it can be stored easily and is a perfect addition for home use and they come in highly stretchable and heavy duty strength. The benefits are many if you exercise with these bands. They include versatility, safety, a convenience as well as effectiveness. They are a convenient tool for people of almost any age.

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

How beneficial are these bands?

  • The resistance bands are quite affordable and these are available in extensive kit that includes DVDs and other equipments that are needed for exercise. You will get a resistance tube designed with specialty and challenges the core muscles of the body.
  • You can easily use these bands regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert. They are found in different types like light, medium and heavy. It is possible for you to adjust the intensity of your workouts.
  • The bands are often used to increase the familiar strength moves. This means that you need to learn a very complicated and new routine in order to strengthen your core muscles. They have the ability to replace the weights that are used for biceps curls or even increase the intensity of push-ups.
  • The resistance bands are used for a comprehensive and a full body work out. It challenges virtually each and every major muscle in the body.
  • There is no need for any storage space for these bands. They can be alternated with free weights as well as ongoing variety of exercise machines.
  • These are versatile and these can be used along with weights that can allow you to get the benefits of both the exercises at one time.
  • The bands used for fitness are incredibly simple. The bands have proved to be very effective if you want to work out for your muscles. It also boosts stamina and flexibility.
  • The resistance bands are also commonly used in physical rehabilitation sessions allowing the therapist to use different levels of résistance. The postures and motions of the body can be modified as per the specific needs of the individual. It is used to give résistance to any motion and so it specially used by athletes.
Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

Why is it so effective?

The training done with resistance bands increases the strength and endurance of muscles. It increases size of the muscles which work harder to accomplish movement. This affects the appearance and it gives a particular shape and definition to the body. The shaping and toning of the body requires resistance training. It causes the metabolism to increase and helps to burn the extra fat from the body. It is almost equal to weight training that is essential to a successful fitness program. It even prevents injuries as the muscles are strong enough to get hurt. The training programs promote strong and healthy bones that will help you to lift more weight as your bones are strengthened. The best part here is that it can also be used effectively to modify the cardiovascular risk. The resistance training program has a great effect on lowering the risk of osteoporosis, lowers blood pressure and it prevents the development of diabetes.

So make sure that you get the best out of the resistance bands and practice only the best exercises.

Take the Benefits of Hopper Ball in Fitness

Hopper balls are not just meant to sit and bounce on to have fun; there is more than fun factor to it. These days the hopper ball is occupying quite some space in the gymnasiums and for valid reasons. These balls are effective ways to improve on the cardio endurance, strength, balance and it can remove any form of muscle pain. Doing exercises with hopper ball is a type of freehand exercise, and it does not injure you in any way. You can easily do these exercises on daily basis and it can decrease your fat level effectively.

Hopper Ball

Hopper Ball

Use in wall squat with hopper balls:

With the power move you can use the quads to work. For this you should stand 3 feet away from the wall keep the shoulder apart and the back should be to the wall. You need to place the ball between the lower back and the wall and slowly squat down until you get approximately 90 degree on your knees. As the ball moves from the lower back to the shoulder blades you can use the ball to support your back.

Doing hamstring curls by hopper balls:

For this you need to lie on the floor and keep your arms perpendicular to the torso. You need to keep your lower calves and heels rested on the ball.

  • Now you need to engage the glutes and your abs and lift your hip up the floor. You will feel wobbly and for that you can take support from your outstretched arms.
  • While exhaling you need to slowly bring in your knees towards your hip and while doing this the heels are resting on the ball in flat position.
  • Now pause in the same position and inhale and again straighten your legs. In order to get maximum benefit from this exercise you need to keep your hips up most of the time.

Ball lunge exercise

In this set you need to place the ball behind the body when you stand and then put your one foot in top down position on the ball. Now step the other foot about 6 inches and then bend both your knees in a deep lunge. Here you need to make sure that the knee of you front foot does not go over your toe. This move will help you to test your stability and strength and will help you work with it and increase the two qualities. Here you need to make sure that you are doing in proper form and so you need to do as much as possible as long as you are in proper form.

Hopper Ball

Hopper Ball

Top benefits of bouncing in fitness

  • Bouncing can be calming and alerting and it supports the self regulation. It works according to the needs of the nervous system of a person.
  • It helps to improve on the lower body proximal stability and weight shifting in order to get the best benefits.
  • It helps to provide proprioceptive input to the lower joints and the spine and this works out to be a calming and organizing effect for the body.

Hopper ball exercises help a person to enhance stamina and it also improves the lymphatic system of your body:

It helps to support a person get attention to the task and improves the cognition.

  • This is meaningful exercise, there is a purpose to it and it all comes with fun to the person.
  • The movement helps the auditory system process of a person.
  • It helps the lymphatic system of your body with the proper drainage and circulation as well.

There are a wide range of benefits you get from the hopper ball in exercise and so make your exercise fun and effective with the use of hopper ball.