Why Would You Consult An Optometrist?

Optometrists are also known as ophthalmic opticians, and they are health care specialists who can perform various types of eye examinations to indentify the problems in patient’s vision. If you find any problem in your eye or vision then you must consult an optometrist and he can prescribe spectacles or contact lenses after examining your eyes. Apart from that, they can use some advanced techniques to recognize various diseases of the eye and they can refer you to an ophthalmologist in case if you have glaucoma or cataract problems.


Reasons to consult an optometrist:

Sometime, you can face some issue like blur vision and you cannot read the billboards on the road from a distance. Similarly, you may not read a newspaper and you cannot complete your official works. In this case, you need to wear contact lenses or eye glasses, and you must consult an optometrist. He will examine your eyes and prescribe the best quality contact lenses. Your eyes are very precious and you should not neglect any problem related to your eyes. Initially, you can fix your blur vision by using some eye drops and you can also avoid such minor issues. But, in the long run, you will not able to see anything clearly and you may go for a major eye surgery. To avoid such problems, you can consult an optometrist every year because the ophthalmic power in your eye glasses may be changed after a certain time, and an optometrist can prescribe the changes after examining your eyes.

How would you consult an optometrist:

Most of the optometrists run their own chambers for private practices, and you can easily fix an appointment with your nearest optometrist. Else, you can contact with a hospital or eye clinic and fix an appointment with an optometrist. Such clinics have various types of optometrists and ophthalmologists, and you can choose them according to their specialization. Once your visit an optometrist, he will check your vision with various techniques and he will perform eye screening test to indentify the problems with your eyes. After examining of your eyes, he will prescribe medication, contact lenses or spectacles. But, an optometrist can prescribe few eye drops to improve your vision and he cannot prescribe any oral medicine. Apart from that, optometrists are the licensed medical professionals who can perform eye examination in their clinic, but they cannot perform any eye surgery. So, in case having major eye problems like Glaucoma or cataract, you must consult an ophthalmologist or an eye surgeon.


Benefits of consulting an optometrist:

  • You can face some vision problems when you read a book or work on a computer for a longer period of time when you need a specialist. In this regard, an optometrist can recognize your eye problems and he can perform various eye screening tests to locate the exact issue.
  • If you want to prevent vision loss then you must contact an optometrist because he can identify the eye diseases at their initial stage. Especially, if you have diabetics then you must consult an optometrist after every six months because your eyesight will be affected by your blood sugar level.
  •  Even blurry vision may be a symptom of diabetes, and if you face blur vision then you must check your blood sugar level. In this case, an optometrist can tell you if your blur eyesight can make you suffer from blood sugar or any other disease.

So there are many benefits that you avail from an optometrist and you must visit your nearest optometrist at least once in a year.

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