Primary Reasons for Choosing Exposed Aggregate Concrete Over Others

When it comes to decorating the concrete, exposed aggregate concrete is the most popular option to choose. It contrasts well with traditional concrete as the concrete is made of small stones, a mixture of cement, pebbles that get exposed. This kind of concrete adds beauty and a level of visual interest to the surface since the pebbles and stones bear different colors. You may choose a random design, varied colored stones to make the surface look attractive. If your concrete surface has started looking dull, choose this option to add life to it. Apart from the attractive appearance, the option is affordable as well. Indeed, it also adds to the strength of the concrete. It is a highly recommended option which transforms an ordinary concrete surface into an elegant one. If you want a non-skid texture, you may go for it. You may create decorative pathways, driveways and patios.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

How is the Exposed Aggregate Concrete Created?

You might be thinking how the exposed aggregate concrete is created. It is all the result of exposed aggregate concrete. Here the top layer of the floor or the concrete is removed to expose the texture, the color of the concrete beneath it. The best part is that it is a durable option which helps in skid resistance. The following are the chief merits:

  • It helps to achieve a decorated floor or surface at an affordable cost. Some items you require here are surface retardants, decorative aggregates, the garden hose and sprayer.
  • Even the construction is quite easy, simple and less time-consuming. You may choose any professional who can handle concrete work.
  • Here the surface is long-lasting as it is weather resistant
  • It seamlessly blends with the décor style of the surrounding
  • You just need to clean the surface occasionally and no such maintenance is needed

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Can Resist Harsh Weather

Exposed aggregate concrete is strong enough that it stays unaffected even under extreme weather conditions. Since the material is composite, it has more of strength when compared to a material using a single item. As the material has high strength, it stays the same and unaffected even under extreme weather conditions.

You Need Just A Few Materials and Tools for Installation

This is another reason why this type of concrete is so popular. For the laying and installation, you require just a few tools as the concrete material is already mixed and you need to simply lay it. When compared to other floor kinds, here you do not require a fine finishing. Thus, the time required for laying the concrete is lesser.

Gives an Attractive Look to The Old Concrete

In the exposed aggregate concrete, you need to mix up fine materials of various kinds. So, in a way, the old nature of floor is totally unseen. Such materials will render a fresh look to the surface. It is best meant for pathways, driveways, buildings.

It Is A Practical Option

Looking to create a visually attractive surface which catches attention? You have a lot of options in exposed concrete. Choose among the range of rich colors and striking textures to create a stunning finish. Within the exposed aggregate, you can combine appealing natural surface with a low maintenance finish.

Exposed Aggregate Is Flexible in Nature

If you are looking for a subtle and bold look, you may go for exposed aggregate. You have the option of choosing among a wide range of finishes.

If you are looking to enhance the comfort beneath your feet, choose exposed aggregate concrete. You may also consider do-it-yourself installation.