Ziptrak Blinds: Stylish Shades and Screens with A Stunning Array of Features

Spending some quality time in the house or outdoors is a basic need of everyone. Families and friends like to party or relax in the serene, alfresco areas. They like to relax without being troubled by noise, hot sun, rain or wind. Slats and roller screens are excellent curtains for the windows. The Ziptrak blinds and shades assure complete privacy for residents. Their functionality is ably assisted by various designer elements.

Ziptrak Blinds

Ziptrak Blinds

The more sophisticated, outdoor fixtures have a wide range of commendable features –

  • There are diverse types of screens for every budget group and requirement.
  • Their designer look is not only trendy, but also very elegant and luxurious.
  • The screens can be easily operated without any obstacles or glitch.
  • Ziptrak blinds can be quickly opened, closed, stopped, or set in any position.
  • They have a unique track guided system to facilitate movement in few seconds.
  • The blinds can be secured or locked for protection against wind or UV rays.
  • Options include clear or tinted PVC, mesh shade and privacy weaves.
  • The technical choices include motorized, spring, and remote-control operations.
  • Commercial and housing properties also receive ideal and customized size fittings.

Modern Designs 

Offices, cafes, and private homes can improve their appearance through this decor. The designer products include furniture, fittings, and accessories. Modern lifestyles are sophisticated and driven by technology. Ziptrak blinds cater to the elegance seekers by delivering beauty, form, and functionality.

  • The designs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Commercial and housing estates become captivating and hygienic.
  • Contemporary styles are clearly reflected in the frames, fabrics, and surfaces.
  • Designer elements do not obstruct the unique gliding and tracking system.
  • Flexible operations facilitate sufficient sun light, shade, and ventilation.
  • The residents and office staff can also enjoy comfort, privacy and quietude.
  • Custom installations are personalized, and high quality is always guaranteed.
  • The privacy meshes, and clear or tinted PVC solutions have a sophisticated look.
Ziptrak Blinds

Ziptrak Blinds

Location and Shades 

The quality of any furniture or fixture depends on material and location. Design elements, colors, and dimensions are equally important. The Ziptrak blinds must be installed by well trained staff at the right location. Commercial stores, cafes, restaurants, and office buildings benefit from these reliable fittings.  You can decorate your home beautifully with these blinds without putting in much effort.

Sophisticated Screens and Covers Have Many Admirable and Contemporary Features –

  • Traditional ropes and pulleys are not required to operate these fixtures. As a result, they can be fitted at any exterior or indoor location.
  • These protective screens do not even have zippers, straps, or buckles. There are no gaps on any side and winding is not necessary.
  • Householders can easily operate both the interior and outdoor fixtures. Commercial blinds are fixed in an obstruction-free location.
  • Ziptrak blinds have a modern and efficient patented tracking system. They can be fixed easily in any location or position.
  • Commercial installations can be strategically placed for brand promotion. The flat and taut surfaces are eminently suitable for signage and art work.


Any type of furnishing product must be decorative, useful, and reliable. The surfaces and screens must last a very long time. Ziptrak blinds are robust and they can withstand challenging weather conditions.

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