Why You Should Opt for Pre Purchase Inspections?

Contemplating purchasing a used vehicle?  If so, just think before you make a choice as your excitement may be short-lived if you are not cautious about pre-inspecting your vehicle. If you are fascinated with the sentiments, the seller might exploit your emotional value to the vehicle. The situation could be worse if the vehicle is from other city or state. Instead of getting disappointed on your decision, it would rather be prudent to do thorough pre purchase inspections (PPI) yourself if you are confident about your competence not only in driving skills, but also in technical and automobile knowledge.

Pre Purchase Inspections

Pre Purchase Inspections

Otherwise, there are many third party inspectors or agencies undertaking the job to ease your daunting task. The main role of the inspector is to inspection the vehicle not only from outside but to check all the auto parts to make sure if the vehicle is in healthy condition. His concentration would be on mechanical and other automotive related features of the vehicle ensuring that the engine and other parts meet the safety condition. Mainly, the deficiencies and other shortcomings in the general maintenance of the vehicle would also be revealed.

How is the inspection done?

Since there are no standard set forth by any agency, this is a very tricky question. Of course, the basic inspection covers only a cursory observation and inspection of auto parts to check whether they are damaged or broken. In addition, you may check for leaks and the normal wear and tear of all the components visible once you lift the hydraulic lift of the bonnet.

A second step is to have a test drive to make sure whether the steering and other major components like the clutch brake and the torque of the vehicle are working.

The most important part is to do thorough inspection of a vehicle such as checking the compression of your, wheel balancing and other such features which make use of computer engine analysis to execute a fool-proof task.

The inspection includes checking the condition of frame to check if it is damaged or not,, also to check poor repair jobs done before, flooding damaged etc.

How to locate a reliable PPI?

In case you have any competent mechanic or an automobile technician in your locality, it would be appropriate to hire him for the job. Otherwise, you can contact your dealer to help you in this regard. Besides these options, there are authorized Pre-Purchase Inspectors in the market as well who you can hire to get the inspection done.

If your seller is from another city or a state, probably, it would be advisable to hire an authorized dealer or mechanic who is located in sellers’ city.

Cost of Inspection

This is a very difficult question to answer, since this depends upon many parameters.  Firstly, how thorough you need the inspection. If the inspection is basic, the fee would be negligible. If you insist upon a thorough and micro inspection of auto parts or opt for a computer aided inspection, obviously you need to shell down a little more money for the service.

Pre Purchase Inspections

Pre Purchase Inspections


It would always be worth the value if you hire a certified agency for the inspection.  Sometimes, the verbal assurance may cost you a lot. Most important thing to consider while looking for vehicle pre-inspection services is No Conflict of Interest certificate in order to ensure they have no conflict interest with any of the participating vendors. Though normally the fee is payable by the buyer, perhaps, he takes the fee from the seller also and manipulate the inspection report to suit both the parties.

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