Handy Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Laser Engraving

Laser engraving or laser marking is the technique of using the laser rays to engrave some object. Here, there is a use of laser beams to engrave or make an object. It helps in the identification process and precise carving in the industrial process. This is an advanced and innovative technique which helps in creating precise carves over the material. There is no use of tools and ink while engraving the object. Thus, you can eliminate the hassle of replacing bit heads in a regular interval. There is a special laser engraving system which is used to carry out the task. It has application in plastic, metal products. It is far superior to the marking technology as here you can avoid the tools and inks that tend to wear out from the engraving surface.


Laser Engraving

The technique of engraving has changed a lot. Previously, you needed to be trained professionals to carry out the engraving. But, with the development of computing power, the various systems, and solid-state lasers, the prices of laser engraving are brought down. There are various tricks and tips you need to follow for laser marking.

The Need for the Correct Wavelength

The wavelength of the beam plays an important role. For instance, if you wish to engrave the metal portions, CO2 will not be a great choice. The CO2 laser has the wavelength 10,600Nm. CO2 is thus good for paper, glass, wood, and stone. For marking the wood butt-stocks, you may use CO2. Secondly, for effectively marking the metal, you need to change the wavelength. Most of the common metals need the wavelength of 1uM.


Laser Engraving

Choose an Appropriate Lens

It is important to choose the right tool for engraving. The optics matter a lot when it comes to laser marking. The spot size is a critical factor.

Laser Engraving Machine

The laser marking machine has three main components, namely, a controller, a laser, and the surface. The laser is the beam which is as thin as a pencil and allows the controller to simply trace the pattern on the metallic surface. The main role in laser engraving is that of a controller who controls the intensity, direction, spread of laser and speed of the movement. The surface is usually matched up with the laser. Different patterns may be engraved when the person programs the controller and allows it to traverse a path. This kind of engraving technique is used widely in the production line. The change of intensity and the spread of the beams permit more bit of flexibility in the design. Materials like glass or plastic will be marked on the move by the laser marking.


Laser Engraving Machine

The Role of Laser Engrave Technology

The laser engraving technology is widely used, in the product manufacturing sector.  High-quality products may be manufactured, with this technique. Laser engraving encompasses the designing, engraving, testing and even prototyping. The machine that adopts the engraving technique can mark the surface at a faster pace. The beams can fabulously penetrate through the metallic surface.

Material Options for Engraving

Natural materials are the foremost material options that may be engraved. Materials like hardwood and softwood can be engraved with the engraving technique. Secondly, plastic materials can also be engraved including acrylic plastic sheets. Laser marked plastics have huge application in the sign making the industry. Apart from these, metals, glass and stones are engraved for various purposes.

Laser engraving has a huge application in the industrial units. To create personalized jewelry, the jewelers make use of laser marking technique. You can create real decorative glasses with the technique.

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