What are the Various Types of Outdoor Window Shutters Available in the Market?

Outdoor Window Shutters

Outdoor Window Shutters

Windows always have been confined behind conventional glass, metal and wood made panes and boards. Inside curtains do the job. Though rolling shutters are long into the market and use for commercial purposes and garages at homes, yet never before were they much popular for use on windows. But as the importance of security have become paramount for city dwellers who have to vacate their houses for 9 to 12 hours for attending offices and businesses the importance of these shutters grew.

High Security with Outdoor Window Shutters

The security is promised high with outdoor window shutters. When not in use, you may pull them up, and use the windows normally. When you are moving out of the house for several hours or days, then you simply pull down the shutters and lock them to ensure complete safety over the normal lock and key safety. Shutters are solid, made of wood or metal, and provides sturdy barrier to any intrusion. Even if your home is located just adjoining the street or the main road, then also you can enjoy complete security with these outdoor window shutters.

Window Shutters

Window Shutters

Types of Outdoor Window Shutters that are Available in the Market:

  1. Pull and Push Shutters:
    These are a good choice if you have not so huge and wide windows, and are looking for a budget friendly option. The pull and push shutters are fully manual and you will have to operate them every time by hand. However, they are hard and these shutters provide a good solid security with very little maintenance round the year.
  1. Aluminum Shutters:
    There are many advantages of aluminum. The lightweight metal makes for stylish, cheesy looking shutters for windows, which will increase the beauty of the property manifolds. These are highly corrosion resistant. Hence, of you are in a humid area receiving much precipitation and then aluminum would be a good option. They are also good for insulation if you are trying to keep the interior warm in the cold season.
  1. Wooden Roller Shutters:
    Though these shutters look very classy and nice to look at, you may not be able to enjoy the insulation and comfort of wood if you live in humid and rainy climatic zone. People living in dry zones would love to choose wooden shutters for the look, the feel, the lightweight, the economical pricing, and for the heat barrier, these shutters serve to keep your rooms cool in summer.
  1. Automatic Shutters:
    Any roller shutter can fall under this category when the function is automatic. Thus mean pulling and pushing the shutter should not be requiring manual labor, and would be done in the push of a switch or with a remote button. These are motor operated, and good for windows, which are in such heights that they are difficult to each by hands.
  1. PVC Roller Shutters:
    The PVC material roller shutters are good for a nice barrier and protection though not as sturdy as metals. Still these are good to use for two reasons. In addition, they are the reasonable pricing and the attractive color options you get with PVC.


When you choose a roller shutter, don’t just chose the style and material, but also choose the installer carefully. Not all installers are licensed, and quotes will differ. Hence, after you get quotes, compare, and see who is offering you the best options at the best price, and then you appoint one service.

Always check the shutter material with the climate of your zone. If you are in a hot and humid rainy zone, then avoid wood and go for powder coated or galvanized metals. Else, in dry and cool zones, wooden shutters look really beautiful and serve the purpose the same way.