Different Types of Bathroom Mirrors: Have A Look!

Mirrors or reflectors are an essential element in bathrooms. These, other than reflective functionality, can improve the overall style of any room. Bathrooms appear incomplete without a mirror. There are various types of mirror at local mirror shops and home décor stores to choose from for bathrooms. While purchasing bathroom mirrors, you have to consider the style of your bathroom and the space where you will place the mirror.



Know about some of the common types of mirrors to choose for bathrooms.

  • Framed mirrors: It is one of the simplest forms of mirrors. Framed ones come in varied designs and styles, and you can conveniently pick one that can make your bathroom look more stylish. These frames can be found in basic and ornate styles, and come in different designs. The design concept might be basic, but framed mirrors are available in many varied types. You can find this kind of mirror in ornate, contemporary, classic and many other styles.
  • Lighted mirrors: These are elegant in design, and come with in-built lighting which is ideal for a modern bathroom. You can set the light at the sides or on the top, or both. In case additional lighting is required in your bathroom, you will love to use a lighted mirror as it comes with light bulbs set onto them. Once you have it set up, you will feel like a celebrity when you look at it. Other than allowing light, the mirrors can also help in grooming yourself, applying makeup and shaving. When you are buying these mirrors, look for those that come with LED lighting. This can be energy-saving.
  • Medicine cabinet mirrors: Such types are multi-functional, and are installed on outer side of cabinet doors. These come with a small storage space for keeping essential items such as medicines, towels and toiletries. These are mirrors in basic styles, and can save a lot of space in the bathroom. For people with bathrooms of smaller size, these are popular options.
  • Venetian mirrors: These come with eye-catching designs etched over glass that functions as the border of mirrors. You can hang these mirrors in the bathroom for a feminine flair. Etched surface designs characterize them. These mostly come with ornate frames having elaborate carvings that make them look elegant. These are perfect when set up in bathrooms that are traditionally decorated. When set up in bathrooms that are romantically themed, these serve as perfect options.
  • Freestanding Mirrors: These can be moved around the whole bathroom and are not attached to any wall. These are suitable to help you dress up and put on make-up, as you do not need to lean over wash-basin unlike what the case is with wall mirrors. These mirrors are smaller and lighter than wall mirrors, and can be availed in varied colors, sizes and shapes. These are ideal for bathrooms that are bigger in size and have enough grooming space.
  • Wall Mirrors: These are standard mirrors that can be found in most bathrooms across the globe. These are hanged on walls with the aid of nails or screws. These are very convenient options, as you can set these up in minimal spaces. You can pick the design and size as per your own bathroom wall size. This type of mirror comes in framed as well as frameless designs. A frameless mirror is a better option in case you have limited amount of bathroom space. In case you have slightly deeper pockets, it can be a better option to choose chrome finished mirrors that offer the best possible reflection.
  • Ledge mirrors: These are also known as shadow boxes, and come with ledges built into them to contain bathroom items.

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