Vital Information to Be Shared In Association with Maintenance of Fireplaces

When winter days are on the cards, what can keep you cosy and warm is a well built fireplaces. Usually, we ignore the fireplace when not in use, and that can lead to improper functioning. In order to bring efficiency to your wood burning fireplaces, you need to maintain it regularly. This way, it will be in functional condition for many seasons and many years to come. In order to make the furnace work in a safe manner, one should be inspecting it often and keep it in a cleaned form to keep it running in a smooth manner.



How to maintain wood fireplaces- important tips to remember
Let us have a glance on some of the tips which can help us to keep our fireplace in the best condition even when it is not in use. Doing so will not end it up in a bad condition. Check them out below.

  • Check if there is any blockage in the chimney: With the help of a torch you need to check the damper and see if you find any blockages. When the chimney is not in use, it becomes a habitat for the animals and birds. In addition to this, even leaves get collected in the spaces. If you cannot clean it by yourself, you can request a cleaner for the job.
  • Use green burning technique: If you wish to eliminate the choice of gas fireplace then using logs can help in reduction of air pollution in the house. They are considered to generate less smoke in compared with that of other woods. You can learn some other tips as well, as a contribution to greener technology.
  • Bricks used in the place should also be examined: The usual bricks cannot withstand the temperature, and may crack easily. Therefore, fire bricks have to be used. You can even replace the brick with cement which can tolerate the heat when the temperature is high.
  • Cleaning entire space: Cleaning should be done in a way to remove the debris, dirt and ashes. When these are not cleaning, it can lead to fire hazard and could result in a worse situation. Better to keep it clean and prevent any haphazard.
  • Use respirator: Try to get on respirator before you start the cleaning process. It is because you may get exposed to the dust called creosote. This is not healthy and can lead to major damages such as catching up of fire and overheating as well.
  • Difference between good and bad fire: How will you judge whether the fire coming out of the chimney is good or not? Well, after firing up the woods, check the outside of chimney. If you find white smoke and thin layers then you can consider it to be good. However, if you find black and think waves of smoke, then arrange for a replacement soon or the smoke can harm your health in any way leaving you weak.

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It is really important to check for all the points mentioned above. Furthermore, one should check outside of the chimney and also keep it clean and see if there are any obstructions that can stop the smoke. Make sure your chimney has a cap installed, which is a best way to keep outside things at bay. After you are done with cleaning, check of all the parts are placed rightly such as the damper should be positioned appropriately.  If anything is overlooked, it can lead to a huge trouble at a later stage. Try keeping the points in mind and share them with your friends and neighbours as well.

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