Make Your Car Last Longer With Regular Car Service

Today’s cars are fine examples of precision mechanical engineering that is blended with electronics to make driving safe. There are over 50000 moving parts in a sophisticated car engine not to speak of other parts that are constantly in motion and under stress such as tires and suspension. Neglect leads to faster wear and tear with consequent high cost of repairs. On the other hand, regular car service is what will make your car last longer and give the best performance for years.

Car Service

Car Service

Trusted, certified car service shop
The first thing you need to do when it comes to car service is to find a trusted, certified car service shop. A car can be compared to a precision instrument with a blend of mechanicals and electronics. Today’s auto service mechanics need to be conversant with both aspects in order to understand working and deliver quality maintenance services for cars. Conversely, a cheap but ill-qualified mechanic can play havoc with your car.

Check your car each week
It is a smart practice to check your car each week in order to see if there are any issues with lights, brakes, exhaust emissions, oil puddles under the car and so on. If these little things are left unattended they could escalate to a point where repairs will cost a lot. Listen to your car’s engine, revving it when the car is stationary, in order to detect unusual noise and vibration. Listen to the engine and also keep your ears perked up for any other noise from tires, suspension and chassis. Unusual vibrations are symptoms that there is something that needs to be taken care of at a certified car service center. Smell the exhaust; open the hood and smell the engine area and also the engine oil as well. Any unusual, burnt out smell indicates trouble. Your nose can be an early warning system to prevent expensive repairs. Take your car out on a long drive at least once a week so that the engine can get hot and burn fuel out of oil and prevent formation of sludge in the crankcase. Washing the car inside, outside and underneath removes any chemicals that could cause corrosion. Your car will last longer.

Car Service

Car Service

Oil change
Expert car service mechanics insist that you get your oil changed every 3000 miles. This is no longer a golden rule considering that modern cars are better built and synthetic oils last longer. However, it is a good idea to keep checking oil for level and for quality. If it appears dark and thickened, your car service expert will replace the oil and oil filter, and should also inspect the engine. It is best to flush out transmission oil and replace filters.

Wear and tear
Parts wear down, noticeably the tires, but there are also other parts that can wear down. These are:

  • Suspension bearings and bushes that are a combination of metal and rubber. Rubber can dry out and crack and this can affect the alignment of the car.
  • Tires wear out and they need to be rotated on a regular basis for even wear. It is also a good idea to replace tires before end of life as recommended by manufacturer.
  • Timing belts must be checked and replaced if valves are to operate with optimal timing and thus ensure good performance.

There are some things that you can do and there are some that require attention of an authorized car service professional. You can keep checking your car on a regular basis, drive safely and keep your car out of the sun. Your car service expert will take care of engine, tires, chassis, suspension and transmission as well as routine oil changes. Just keep one thing in mind: Insist on original high quality spares and do not compromise on cost.

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